BMW F10 M5 – A Business Sedan Track Weapon

Can a professional business sedan fulfill its traditional role as a car but at the same time, absolutely annihilate lap times at the local track? Seems like a crazy idea doesn’t it? However, back in 1985 the engineers over at BMW’s infamous M division said screw it and rolled out the very first M5 to the public, with that exact intention. The E28 M5 was based off the 535i chassis with some substantial tweaks to the body and suspension, and came equipped with a more powerful inline 6 to power the car up to Autobahn capable speeds. Fast forwarding approximately three decades later and here we have the F10 BMW M5. At first glance the F10 M5 is rather conservative in its styling. To the average consumer, it would most likely be mistaken for another high end 5 series on the road. However, to any enthusiast the F10 is unmistakably special with its aggressive front bumpers, large M wheels, and signature quad exhaust at the rear.

F10 M5 Front
The M5’s Aggressive Front End Paired With Its Beautiful Glowing Angel Eyes Provides A Trademark Look Undeniably BMW

When I first sat in this car I immediately noticed just how large it really is. It’s huge, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The F10 chassis doesn’t just offer classy yet sporty looks, it’s unbelievably practical. Rear seat leg and headroom were beyond adequate, storage space was exceptional, and the rear trunk could fit just about anything imaginable in it. Okay maybe not anything, but you get the point. From an exterior standpoint this car really nails the 5 series persona whilst simultaneously hinting at its own savageness. If I really had to ding something on this car I would have to say the overall front dash layout feels a bit cheap and inadequate compared to its competitors such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi, however this car was manufactured back in late 2012. The M5 looks the business while performing the business, and that is what I have come to believe as the ultimate mission of this car. This example, finished in the spectacular Monte Carlo Blue Metallic, looked stunning in the aura of the Southern California sun.

Pierre's F10 M5

From a performance standpoint this car is wicked fast. With it’s N63TU twin turbo V8 churning out nearly 600hp, and just over 500lb/ft of torque, the M5 accelerates into illegal speeds almost effortlessly. As my friend Pierre slammed the gas pedal the M5 roared all the way to red-line and pinned me into the back of my seat. Listening to the vicious 8 cylinder engine rev out paired with the sound of two turbos spooling in sync made for a truly intoxicating experience. It wasn’t until I experienced the wrath of the M5 that I began to realize the extent of BMW’s motorsport DNA beneath this car. Given the fact this thing weighed over 4,000lbs, one would compare it to something of a land yacht. However, the M5 anhihilated corners with precision and ease tackling even the most severe corners with minimal body roll and high speed. Given the fact my friend Pierre has put over 50,000 hard driven miles on this machine making the total mileage count 90,000+, all I can say is I am thoroughly impressed. BMW really outdid themselves with this car, and I find it to be one of the most underappreciated and somewhat undervalued cars on the market today! I just know, I really really want one.


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