709WHP McLaren 12c Pure Turbo Upgrade

McLaren. You mean the same company that constructed the legendary F1 road-car capable of achieving speeds well in excess of 240mph? Yes, yes indeed and the tuners over at DME Tuning have concocted something quite special with the 12c, McLaren’s first production car for the lucky elite. While the original 12c offered an already plentiful 610hp from its 3.8L twin turbo V8 engine, the addition of some larger Pure Turbos, magic in the DME tuning department, cat-less downpipes, and a little bit of 100 octane race juice make this already capable car into a stupendously fast drag strip monster.

Note: Not Actual Car In Picture*

Pure Turbo Solutions really seem to be at the forefront of upgraded turbo technology as they have effectively transformed platforms such as the BMW N54/N55, Mercedes AMG Bi-Turbo V8 Engines, and now even McLarens into absurdly fast streetcars. I’ll leave a link to the original blog post on this but the DynoJet sheets with the raw numbers really do the talking. And after a tuned run with 100 octane race gas, the DME Tuning 12c boasted an impressive 709whp and 646wtq. DME Tuning is looking to pull a mid 9 second quarter mile time somewhere in the 140+mph range as well as a 60-130mph time in the low 5’s. Now that’s pretty impressive!

Note: Not Actual Car In Picture*

It will be very interesting to see the direction the 12c platform goes in towards the future. As these exotics are creeping below $120,000 they seem to be absolute powerhouses for the money whilst offering amazing looks, breaking necks wherever you go. And it’s also very clear the factory performance specs are quite far from what this machine is actually capable of. What’re your guys’s thoughts on these cars? Is it even worth bothering with a 12c for the sake of spotty reliability and electronic issues? It certainly seems worth giving these cars a shot as after all, this is McLaren we are talking about here. Be sure to check out this beast hitting the dyno and spitting flames on YouTube!

DME Tuning x Labworx x Pure Turbos McLaren MP4-12C Mustang Dyno